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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers

How big is your marketing team?

We are fairly lean by having under 5 employees at any given time. By having fewer people we are able to focus on communication in the team and focus on our clients.

How much does a campaign with WaveFlow cost?

Typically after adspend, the majority of our clients end up being around the $1200-$1500 range. If you cannot fit this budget and or want to go over this range feel free to fill the form above to see where we can make a custom marketing campaign for you.

What results show I expect?

Our clients have a wide range of results with the median being around 4x ROAS.

Is WaveFlow currently hiring?

We are currently hiring, if you are interested in a position on the team please reach out via the contact form above.

When should I start my marketing campagin?

The team at WaveFlow suggests you start when you feel comfortable and ready to scale. If you do not have to suffice inventory, enough employees to fulfill a service, etc. You may want to evaluate the timing of your campaign according to your goals. Contact one of our marketing specialists to see where they think you should start by filling out the form above.

Do you guarantee results?

For our Premium and Deluxe package, we do have guarantees. Refer to our "Packages" page to see more information on what they include.