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Paid Advertising Management For Service & Product Based Businesses To Scale Your Business To Where It Needs To Be.

Paid advertising and lead generation are methods businesses use to reach and acquire new customers or clients. Here at Waveflow Marketing our specialty is designing, setting up & optimizing high-converting advertising campaigns using Facebook & Google Ads. We have been running these for service & product businesses as close to home as Victoria, BC but also working with brands and businesses across North America.

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We help you find the right marketing strategy to run profitable advertising campaigns.

Finding correct keywords for paid advertisement service

Market Research

Our first step in our multi-step process is researching your market. This is a process we do with the business owners to get the correct information that we need to understand your ideal customer. We typically discuss your market segments; demographic, psychographic, geographic and behavioral.

For different platforms we will also research certain metrics like search volume, creative styles, to even names a market would identify with for our headlines. This is a crucial step before we dive into paid advertising management for small business with Facebook ads, Google ads, and any other platform we may explore.

Testing keywords for Google advertisement management service

Testing & Scaling Period

Our next step is to start our first campaign together, this is where we test a variety of variables using multiple new methods for targeting testing , creative testing and more!

Once we are find a winning ad, we then scale it and test against it with new similar styled creatives & copy to the same audience. This is called vertical scaling. Another method we like to do after that is called horizontal scaling, where we then expand our audience. It is important not to change multiple variables at the same time to breakdown what works and what does not!

We do this for all of our clients insuring that you are always seeing an improving ROI, we typically are out of the Testing phase within our first 2-4 weeks together.

Optimization of client from Victoria BC

Optimization of Campagins

At WaveFlow Marketing, optimization is an important part of our approach to digital marketing. We work to ensure that every aspect of a campaign is as effective as possible, from the targeting and messaging, to the design and format of ads which we update weekly depending on our clients preference and budget.

Our next step once we have a winning campaign and are still testing withing your advertising account. We like to start running separate campaigns with a completely new approach. This gives us the ability to capture traffic from an audience that may not have been interested in your previous offer, creative, headline or wasn't even in your audience!

This is also when we start creating separate campaigns to help support our main objective. For example, our team worked with a online coaching business where their main objection was trust. We implemented retargeting ads for after when the client booked, they saw testimonials on websites, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok , Instagram & Facebook! This helped our client go from a conversion rate of 19% during their meetings to 38% with the same sales representatives.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Our last and final step to create a full & well rounded advertising campaign is to start working on where our clientele will actually be directed to, where the desired conversion happens, which could be leads, sales, estimates etc.

This step sometimes comes before we even run ads depending on our clients situation and where they are in their advertising journey. We explore using different styles like landing pages, automations, conversion apps, & instant forms.

Once we find our ideal conversion location we optimize in different ways for different industries.

For example, in a service business where landing pages typically convert best, we would test out new headlines, sub headlines & call to actions. Another example would be for our client based out of Victoria, BC that ran a painting business,  we implemented more questions in our survey to increase lead quality.

about this service

Our advanced paid advertising service will grow your business without a worry.

At WaveFlow Marketing, we are dedicated to providing the best-paid ad and lead-generation management services in the industry. Our team of experts has years of experience in digital marketing and a proven track record of success in driving results for our clients, we find our best results come from Facebook and Google advertising. Both of these work very well with product and service based businesses.

We stay up to date with certifications from respective platforms & keep up to date with all of the latest trends and best practices when advertising. We are always open to using new tools to stay ahead of the curve within our industry.

Recently our team has implemented a variety of A.I. tools to analyze a larger source of data quicker and make better decisions for our campaigns. This allows us to provide our clients with cutting edge solutions that deliver real results.

Our focus is on providing the businesses we work with a positive return on their investment while working alongside the business, not apart from it. This provide our clientele with more than just conversion but overall brand awareness, engagement and brand recognition. Our client centric approach and dedication for better, makes our team stand out from all the others.

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