Advanced marketing packages to help your business grow.

At WaveFlow Marketing we offer three different packages to meet the needs of any business, as we know some businesses are on starting out when some are already hitting thousands in sales. Choose which one you think may fit your business best and we will have an adviosr reach out to you to get you started.

Basic Package


This  plan is best for startups with low capital looking to get their brand pushed out there.

What's included?
Ad Managment
Initial Setup and Launch for 1 platform
Complete Ad Copywriting
Funnel & Homepage Consulting and Suggestions
Budget Friendly
Research and Optimization
24/7 Support
Weekly Reports
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Premium package


This plan is best for the majority of businesses, having everything a great campaign should have.

What's included?
Everything Included In Basic
Automated Sales Funnel
CRM Integration ($299 in value)
Social Media Branding
Landing Page Curation for 3+ Offers with Booking Calendar
Advertising On Up To 2 Platforms & Local SEO
Guarantee - Talk To a Representative
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Deluxe package


This plan is best for large, well established businesses that want everything there is to offer.

What's included?
Everything Included In Premium & Basic
Creative Creation & Media Managment
Blog Posting
On-Site Search Engine Optimization
Press Release
Advanced Support & Consulting
Advertising On Up To 3 Platforms.
Guarantee - Talk To a Representative
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Why we offer packages and more about them

At WaveFlow Marketing, we're committed to providing tailored digital marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes in Victoria, BC, Canada, and beyond. That's why we offer three comprehensive packages that are designed to help businesses achieve their unique goals.

More about our packages

  • Our Basic package includes ad management, funnel and homepage insights and consults, all ad copy and creative curation, budget-friendly pricing, 24/7 support, basic integrations, optimization, and weekly reports. It's the perfect package for service and product businesses that are just getting started with their digital marketing efforts.
  • Our Premium package is designed for mid-sized businesses that are ready to take their digital marketing to the next level. In addition to all of the features included in the Basic package, our Premium package includes funnel and homepage improvements and creation, social media branding, and a guarantee of 10 bookings.
  • Finally, our Deluxe package is ideal for larger businesses that require more advanced digital marketing strategies. With our Deluxe package, you'll receive everything included in the Basic and Premium packages, as well as media management for Instagram and Facebook, blog posting, SEO help, a press release, automated sales funnel, and a guarantee of 20 bookings.

More about our packages

We believe that our packages offer the perfect level of service for businesses at each stage of growth. By tailoring our solutions to meet the unique needs and goals of each business, we're able to provide the best possible results. As the best marketing agency in Victoria, BC and beyond, we're committed to helping businesses succeed online. Whether you're a service business or a product business, we're here to help you achieve your goals.

Contact us today to learn more about how our tailored digital marketing solutions can help your business grow and thrive.

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